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Poem: To Donna from Duluth

Work can be work, and customers can be just customers. Once in awhile I am blessed to cross paths with a customer that I now call "friend".

The circumstances aren't always pleasant that allows us to develop this friendship. That is the case for the friend that I wrote "To Donna from Duluth." This friend can be a real tough guy, but for those that get to really know him, they understand that he has a heart the size of Montana. When we met his wife (this tiny, tiny little woman with a huge smile) was suffering from cancer. For the next few years each conversation that we had began with getting an update on Donna. To me this was the most important part of the call.

My friend sadly lost her a few years back. I know not a day goes by that he doesn't wish he could fold her up in his arms and give her a big hug. My wife knows when I am thinking of him and his loss, because no words or explanation, I will gather her in my arms and hug her. A kiss on the cheek and a silent "thank you God" follows.

I was thinking of them on the day that I wrote this poem. He knows who he is and I know that he doesn't mind that I share this with the world.

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