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About the Poet

I began writing poetry back in high school. That was a long, long time ago. I hung up my pen when we had children. It wasn't until one of my boys needed a published poem for a debate that I dusted off my old journals of poetry. We dug through my pages, he got the poem he needed, and I kept reading. Hours went by when I realized I still had a passion for painting pictures with words.

Since then 2 collections of poetry have been published, and also a novella.

I have performed readings on stage, television, and at private events. People seem to like the sound of my voice, once described as "Gritty Americana". I don't know if that's bad or good, but I like it.

Portrait Full Body_edited.jpg

In 2017 I traded a 6 pack of Guiness beer for my first typewriter, an old Royal that could have killed an elephant. It took me no time to realize that that the typewriter had a freeing quality that the PC does not. it's just me and my thoughts, no pop ups, no temptations to jump on social media. Me, the keys and the moment.

We had lived in a community of 2,200 people my entire life. In 2018 we moved to the city with hundreds of thousands of people. I saw the opportunity to stretch my creative legs right away. I took one of my portable manual typewriters and set up at the local farmers market figuring I would sink or swim. I had no idea at the rush and satisfaction that writing poems for people while they waited would give me!

My mission has become to connect every day folks with poetry. I wanted to show them that poetry is in everything we do, everything we hear, see and feel. For so many, poetry had always seemed like something only the "educated" could enjoy. I couldn't disagree more. Poetry doesn't have to be confusing. Poetry simply needs to connect people with a personal moment or feeling. That's it, that's all.

I've been described as a "conversationalist poet". Other such poets would be Ted Kooser and Billy Collins to name a few.

So come see me at a public event, or hire me to bring my typewriter for your private event. It's something that you won't forget, I can promise you that.

- Scott Sprunger (Poetry on the Spot)

My latest projects

Upcoming Events


Private Events

I will be listing dates that I have already booked here. That way when you're planning your wedding reception, corporate event, or party of some sort you can quickly see if I am booked.

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Festivals / Public Events



April 29, 2023 Michiana Wine Festival - Headwaters Park, Ft Wayne, IN

MWF2023 – Michiana Wine Festival

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Custom Typewriter Poetry for festival ticket holders

May 21, 2023  Poetry at Crossroadz with Helen Frost

2310 Weisser Park Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46803

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Poetry Reading


Aug 26, 2023 Taste of the Arts Ft Wayne - Downtown Ft Wayne. 11am - 6PM Taste of the Arts Festival  Arts United

Custom Typewriter Poetry for the Public

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